JGP Watches

The JGP Watch

How it started

jgp-watchWhen I used to work for a living, I developed a habit of always signing emails and documents as ‘JGP’. Over time that is how I was known. Given I have had a life long passion of clocks and watches, when I retired I decided I would get myself a ‘JGP’ watch. The story is told on the www.jgpwatches.co.uk website.




The Lancashire Watch Company

History and Watches

book-coverMy passion for matters horological developed when I was very young and over the last 15 years or so I developed a passion for the Lancashire Watch Company, which was based in Prescot, Lancashire, England towards the end of the 19th century. I realised I had amassed a large amount of knowledge about the company so I thought about writing it all down for posterity. In early 2012 I became a volunteer at the Horology Department of National Museums Liverpool and with access to even more LWC material I set about shaping a book. Details of my book are on the www.lancashirewatchcompany.co.uk website.


Over time I intend to add to the website, aspects of the LWC which have come to light since my book was published. I also intend to extend these websites to include some of my other interests….

John Platt